About this site

My name is Tim Owen and I'm one of the thousands of Esperanto-speakers around the world. I'm also a student of the early history of Esperanto (my first visit to the Esperanto Association of Britain's bookshop ended with my buying a book of Ludoviko's letters) and so take great pleasure in trying to share some details about his life and achievements with you.

In an ideal world I wouldn't have launched this site when I did. It is very much a skeleton at the minute. I need to add more details and clarifications to the timeline, there are dozens of questions still to add, there isn't any navigation (although so few pages that this shouldn't be a problem for now) and the site doesn't contain anywhere near enough images.

But I would like to be able to say that I launched it on the day of the jubilee of his death, and so am going against the grain and launching it as it is. Please bear this in mind, and enjoy what there is so far and what will come later.

Me in 2009 celebrating 150 years since Ludoviko was born